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Creative making with Innovation

A next-generation Movie production that combines social cause with art.

A platform for gifted talents

Innovative Art Production

by Peacockart

What We Do

What we stand for

We are here to celebrate the colours of our motherland. We believe our land is filled with stories that will thrill. We are blessed with talented artists and craftsmen who can mesmerise the world.

We are committed to facilitating their creations.

Who we are

We are a private company and a registered film production firm. Our passion unites us for art and the quest for avenues of creativity.

What we aim

We facilitate the creation of world-class productions by local talents. Peacock arthouse creates a platform for gifted talents to create memorable shows that generations will cherish.

Peacock Infrastructure

With a committed production team and dedicated office support staff, we are strategically positioned for the successful, timely completion of projects.

Peacock Network

With close links to multiple national and international players in the industry, our network is a production unit with a difference.

Peacock Innovation and Execution

We believe in supporting new ideas and visions. We help the efforts of artists for innovative creations while our dedicated team takes care of the hurdles.

Peacock Value

We believe in the social impact of art. The role of art in generating a change in society is unsurpassed.

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Are you filled with a spark no one has ever seen? We are interested to hear.

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